Aliner Scout-Lite Specs and Review

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Love the outdoors and camping but are you actually tired of sleeping on the hard ground in a tent? RVs cost a lot of money, and transitioning from a tent that costs less than a hundred dollars to an RV or motorhome that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars will be improbable for many. The Aliner Scout-Lite offers an “in-between” option.

The Scout-Lite is a basic pop-up camper by Aliner that’s lightweight and has a light on the pocket. The Scout-Lite provides you with essential amenities like a comfortable bed and ample storage to make your camping trips more comfortable.

Read on to find out more about the Aliner Scout-lite, full specs, and ways to protect and maintain your camper.

Aliner Scout-Lite Specs and Review

Aliner Scout-Lite

The Aliner campers were designed after the A-frame architectural design that was popular in the 60s and 70s. These A-frame houses could be found all over the communities in the mountains. The Aliner Scout-Lite has the same peaked design as those mountain houses.

The Scout-Lite is a pop-up camper by Aliner that’s lightweight and also a light on the pocket. It gives you the essential amenities to make your camping trips more comfortable. The Aliner has quality construction and plenty of storage for your camping gear.

Below are the specs for the Scout-Lite:

Box Size10’
Height When Closed57”
GVWR3000 lbs.
Unloaded Weight1180 lbs.
Tongue Weight130 lbs.
Max Carrying Capacity1320 lbs.
Tires and Wheels14” Aluminum
Axle Count1

About Aliner

Ralph Tait started the company Aliner when in the early part of the ’70s. He had an idea to create an A-frame pop-up camper for his personal use. The finished camper soon became a hit with family and friends, and they began to order units from him. All of the campers were manufactured in his garage. Soon, they were selling Aliners all over the country.

Today, Aliner has headquarters in Mt. Pleasant, Pennsylvania. The Aliner has dealerships across the country and is available in 11 models. They pride themselves on creating the most innovative and lightest pop-up camper.

Aliner created the Scout-Lite with the purist in mind. They’re perfect for those who love the simple experience of camping but would also like to have the essential amenities while doing so – like a comfortable bed, a roof over your head, and storage for your camping gear.

The Aliner Scout-Lite Features

1. Interior Wall and Ceiling Panels

Azdel makes Scout-Lite’s walls and ceiling panels. Azdel does not use wood. But instead, they use polypropylene and fiberglass to create walls that are durable, lightweight, and weather and temperature resistant.

2. Amber porch light and LED lights

The camper has an amber porch light, an outdoor light that’s weatherproof and does not attract mosquitoes. The running lights are LED and will last for years.

3. Fantastic Vent-fan

The Fantastic vent-fan helps with airflow inside the camper so that you don’t get stale air.

4. Two Skylights

The Scout-Lite has two skylights to let in natural light in the daytime and keeps out the light in the nighttime.

5. Performax 500 Flooring

The flooring isn’t made from your regular plywood, but instead, it’s made from Performax 500, which is a ¾” thick wood panel created to ward off moisture to avoid molds and be more durable.

6. Front Bunk or Rear Dinette Convertible to Extra Bed

The Aliner Scout-Lite has a front bunk with dimensions 30” x 76”. The rear dinette can be converted into a bed that can be used for extra sleeping space. These areas both have a hypoallergenic, high-density foam to ensure that you are comfortable when you sleep.

7. Storage

The Scout-Lite may be small, but you’ll be surprised at how much storage space it allows. The entirety of the dinette seats was made for storing your camping gear. There are also storage spaces near the sink to hold your cooking utensils.

8. Electrical Outlets

There are three electrical outlets inside the camper so that you can charge all your gadgets. There’s also one electrical outlet outside the camper for your outdoor charging needs.

9. Optional Ammenities

Some optional amenities for an added cost can be installed in your Aliner. They are the following:

  • Soft or hard dormers
  • Outside shower
  • Furnace
  • Toilet
  • Microwave oven
  • Outdoor grill
  • Water heater

Aliner also gives you the option to choose from their High Wind Kits, ideal for not-so-good weather. They have the Cable Wind Kit, which has a steel cable that you attach on each side of the roof when there are heavy winds.

This keeps the camper safe by lessening the movement of the roof panels. The other one is the Lift Bar Wind Kit which has metal bars instead of cables. The bars have a dual function – they help lift the roof during setup and secure the camper when the winds are heavy.

Again, what does the Aliner Scout Lite offer? If you’re looking for a basic pop-up camper that’s affordable, lightweight, easy to tow, and has the essential amenities for your camping trips, then you should check out the Aliner Scout Lite.

Why Choose the Aliner Scout Lite?

aliner scout lite review

If you’re thinking about purchasing the Scout-Lite, there are a few solid reasons:

1. Set-up Time of 30 Seconds

30 seconds is all it takes to pop up the Scout-Lite. With so little time needed to set up the Scout-Lite, you’ll have more time settling in.

2. Lightweight

The Scout-Light is lightweight, so it’s easy to maneuver. You can actually maneuver it single-handedly. The Scout-Lite is lightweight, but it’s also durable.

3. Towability

Since the Aliner Scout-Lite is small and lightweight, it doesn’t require a big up to be towed. In fact, any average size car can tow it.

4. Easy to Garage

The Aliner Scout-Lite will fit in most garages. It’s also easy to fit in parking spaces.

5. Good for First-timers

The Scout-Lite is good for first-time camper owners. The upkeep and maintenance will be a breeze.

6. Affordable

The Scout-Lite starts at $10,000, which is a very affordable price for a camper. As we mentioned earlier, it’s a camper that’s light and light on the pocket.

How To Buy An Aliner Scout-Lite

Aliner Scout-Lite can be purchased through the company’s approved dealers. Dealerships are found all across the US, and they have financing options available, and you can discuss the plans with your dealer. Aliner gives a 1-year warranty on your unit from coupler to bumper. Some appliances in the camper have a 2-3 year warranty.

Get To Know Your Trailer

aliner scout lite specs

When you’ve purchased your Aliner Scout-Lite, you’ll need to get to know your trailer before you head out for your first adventure.

Here are a few things that can help you get familiarized with your Aliner Scout-Lite:

1. Practice Setting up and Dismantling Your Scout-Lite

The setup takes less than a minute and is the easiest one in the industry. However, even if it is simple and easy, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with how it works. Dismantling the Scout-Lite takes less than a minute too.

2. Practice Towing Your Scout-Lite and Backing up When It’s Towed

If you’ve never towed anything, much more a camper, you’ll need to get used to it, and practice makes perfect. It may seem daunting, but it really isn’t as difficult as it seems. The Scout-Light is lightweight and was designed so that it can be maneuvered easily. Backing up will take getting used to also.

Tip: you can practice backing up in a large mall parking lot.

3. Learn How to Use and Maintain Your Scout-Lite’s Equipment

Aliner Scout-Lite is a basic camper, but you have the option to add more amenities inside the camper. If you do so, you need to get used to how to use them. Upon purchasing your Scout-Lite, your dealer will show you how to use them.

If you have questions, make sure that you ask them. Proper maintenance is also a good practice to ensure that all the equipment will work properly on your camping trips.

More Tips for your Aliner Scout-Lite

Here are a few more tips that can help you care for your Scout-Lite better:

1. Regular Maintenance

You’ll need to winterize your Scout-Lite so that your plumbing system and water heater won’t freeze up or crack. Check your axle bearings regularly to see if they need to be greased.

You also need to check that your rubber gaskets and the silicone around the windows are good to avoid leaks when it rains.

2. Care for Your Tires

Check your tire pressure every once in a while. If you’re keeping your Scout-Lite in storage for a while, check before you store them. Regularly check tire tread and when you see deterioration, change the tires.

3. Get a Good Cover

Best to get a good cover for your Scout-Lite, more so if you aren’t storing it in a garage. There are many kinds of covers, but it’s best to get one that’s breathable so that it doesn’t trap in moisture to avoid mold and mildew.

Conclusion: Aliner-Scout-Lite Specs and Review

The Aliner Scout-lite was created with the purist in mind. It’s a basic camper that doesn’t take away that feeling of “roughing it,” but at the same time makes your camping trip a little more comfortable. If you’re looking for a basic camper that won’t break the bank, the Scout-Lite may be perfect for you.

The Scout-Lite is a basic pop-up camper by Aliner that’s affordable, lightweight, and easy to tow. The Scout-Lite provides you with essential amenities such as a comfortable bed and ample storage to make your camping trips more comfortable.

If you’re interested in purchasing an Aliner Scout-Lite, they have dealerships all across the US.