Heartland Mallard and Mallard Pathfinder Travel Trailer Specs and Review

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A travel trailer that can be towed with light trucks and handle challenging terrain is great for outdoor adventures. In this Heartland Mallard and Mallard Pathfinder Travel Trailer review, I’ll list their features and specs so you which one of these RVs is right for you.

The Heartland Mallard and the Mallard Pathfinder are two different model lineups of RVs manufactured by Heartland, one of the best travel trailer manufacturers in the country. These RVs are well-built and easy to set up. Each of these RV model lineups consists of several floor plans.

The lengths of these floor plans range from 21 feet to 39 feet. They are full of innovative features and are built using the best materials available. As such, every RV in these model lineups can give you residential comforts while enjoying outdoor adventures.

Read on to learn more about the Heartland Mallard and the Mallard Pathfinder travel trailers, their backgrounds, and features and specs so that you’ll be able to determine which of the two can satisfy your needs.

About the Heartland Mallard and Mallard Pathfinder Travel Trailers

Heartland Mallard and Mallard Pathfinder Travel Trailer

Heartland Recreational Vehicles LLC

The Heartland Mallard and the Mallard Pathfinder are two classes of RVs that Heartland Recreational Vehicles LLC manufactures. These RVs are durable and dependable because they are manufactured using the best materials available in the country.

Innovative Features

Both classes of RVs come with tons of innovative features that enable them to provide residential comforts in outdoor settings. These travel trailers are well built and are very easy to set up. The typical Mallard RV comes with two slides, plenty of rooms inside, and exterior kitchens that make living outdoors easy and comfortable.

16 Different Floorplans

The Heartland Mallard comes in 16 different floorplans, while the Mallard Pathfinder only has two. Their overall lengths range from 21 feet to 39 feet. Most of them are light enough, so you don’t have to use heavy-duty trucks to tow them.

Heartland RV Establishment

Heartland RV was established in 2003 by five friends who are veterans in the RV industry. They combined their experiences in RV manufacturing and put together a company that builds one of the finest RVs in the country.

The company launched the North Trail in 2007. It is a class of lightweight RVs built using laminated construction. In a matter of a few years, Heartland became the number 3 manufacturer of fifth wheels.

Heartland Acquired Fleetwood Enterprises, Inc.

Another milestone for Heartland is when it acquired the active brands of the travel trailers of Fleetwood Enterprises, Inc. on Feb. 2, 2010. This company manufactures some of the most iconic and recognized brands of RVs in the market, including the Mallard, among many other brands.

Key Features of the Heartland Mallard and Mallard Pathfinder Travel Trailers

One of the unique features of all travel trailers made by Heartland is its patented and improved 88° turning radius for short-bed or extended-cab pickup trucks. Another feature is the universal docking center. These two features prove that Heartland RVs can provide their owners the services they are supposed to give:

Heartland Mallard

1. 16 Floor Plans

The Heartland Mallard class of RVs is available in 16 different floor plans. Their overall lengths range from 22 feet to 39 feet, with sleeping accommodations that range from 4 to 9 persons. Here are the different floor plans:

  • Mallard 180BH 
  • Mallard 185 
  • Mallard 210RB 
  • Mallard 230 
  • Mallard 245 
  • Mallard 25 
  • Mallard 251BH 
  • Mallard 252 
  • Mallard 26 
  • Mallard 260 
  • Mallard 27 
  • Mallard 301 
  • Mallard 312 
  • Mallard 32 
  • Mallard 33 
  • Mallard 335 

2. Huge Storage Spaces

The storage capacity of a Heartland Mallard is one of its best features. They call it Super King Kong storage, which is pass-through storage that can hold up to 67.5 cubic feet of space. There is also the ‘S’more storage’ where you can store skewers and grill tools, the glow-in-the-dark graphics, and the flip-down exterior steps.

3. Exceptional Interior Features

The Mallard lineup also has top interior features that make it a special class of RVs. They are equipped with:

  • Master Chef kitchen,
  • Fresh-designed entertainment centers,
  • King-size mattresses, and
  • Reversible booth cushions.

4. Solid Exterior Features

Every Mallard travel trailer comes with:

  • Power stabilizer jack,
  • Shower skylight,
  • Wi-Fi,
  • Other external service prep works, and
  • An automotive-grade painted aerodynamic cap.

Mallard Pathfinder

1. Towable by Light Trucks

The Mallard Pathfinder can be towed by light trucks, but it can also challenge extreme terrain. It is an industrial-built but very light RV that comes with innovative features designed for modern outdoor campers:

2. Two Floorplans

This RV model lineup comes in two floorplans:

  • Pathfinder P 16SRD
  • Pathfinder P 17QBH.

Their overall length is 21’ and 4”. The Pathfinder P 16SRD can accommodate up to four sleepers, while the Pathfinder P 17QBH has sleeping space for six persons.

3. Superior Shell Construction

The shell of the Mallard Pathfinder is an all-aluminum constructed cage. It has very durable plywood flooring and solid Azdel Composite sidewalls. While its weight is feather-light, its durability is matchless. This is one reason why it can be towed by most light trucks.

4. Versatile Features

There is a wide range of versatile features in a Mallard Pathfinder. An example is the 110 watts solar system, and another is the totally enclosed underbelly. That’s why it is the ideal camper for your outdoor adventures.

Standard Features of the Heartland Mallard and Mallard Pathfinder Travel Trailers

mallard travel trailer reviews
Heartland Mallard Model M180BH interior

Both the Heartland Mallard and the Mallard Pathfinder have long lists of standard features. This means that these RVs will provide all the things you will ever need in your outdoor adventures:

Heartland Mallard Model M 180BH

1. Construction

  • Aluminum construction
  • Painted front cap with LED accent lights
  • 2 inches laminated sidewalls with Azdel
  • 4 inches fully walkable vacuum bonded laminated roof (but not for West Coast models)
  • Designer interior doors
  • Solar prep
  • Power stabilizer Jacks

2. Interior

  • King mattress Comfort Select 72″ x 80″ (majority of models)
  • Master Chef kitchen with new Infinity edge countertops and stainless steel under mount sink
  • Select-a-Style, reversible booth cushions (majority of models)
  • Entertainment center (new design) with hidden storage (majority of models)
  • Soft Glow backlit fascia (all models except M180BH)
  • Overstuffed residential furniture
  • Hidden Hinges on cabinetry
  • Tinted safety windows
  • Friction hinge entry door
  • Steel ball bearing drawer guides
  • EZ Sweep Slide out Floors
  • Finished and insulated pass-through storage
  • WiFi prep
  • Slam baggage doors with magnetic latches (all models except M180BH)

3. Bedroom

  • Quick Store bed base (majority of models)
  • Night shades
  • Residential headboard

4. Kitchen

  • Large double door refrigerator
  • Deep bowl kitchen sink
  • Full height residential backsplash
  • High rise kitchen faucet
  • Kids doodle station

5. Bathroom

  • Shower/tub surround
  • Foot flush toilet
  • Power vent in bathroom
  • Skylight in shower
  • Medicine cabinet

6. Safety

  • Fire extinguisher

7. Exterior

  • Flip down exterior steps
  • Automotive grade painted aerodynamic front cap (all models except M180BH)
  • “S’more storage” for grill tools, skewers and “S’more” (except for M180BH)
  • Super King Kong sized storage (all new) up to 67.5 cubic feet of pass-thru storage (all models except M180BH)
  • Glow in the dark graphics
  • Underbed storage
  • Power Awning with LED lighting
  • 13,500 BTU air conditioner
  • Dual Ducted A/C with curved ceiling for maximum height
  • Dual 20 pounds LP tanks with auto change over
  • Bumper with hose storage
  • Forced air heated and enclosed underbelly
  • 50 Amp A/C prep in model M312 and larger
  • 55 amps, 12 volt power converter
  • 12 volts FM/AM radio with HDMI pass through
  • Gas/electric DSI water heater
  • Black tank flush
  • Solar panel prep
  • Cable ready hookup
  • Backup camera prep

8. Axles and Tires

  • Wide Traxx axle system
  • Aluminum rims
  • E-Z lube hubs
  • Leaf spring suspension
  • Spare tire

Mallard Pathfinder P 16SRD

1. Construction

  • Plywood flooring
  • Barreled roof for water repulsion
  • Lumber Core stiles for long lasting strength
  • Aluminum and/or plywood backers
  • MDF face stiles for smooth finish free of grain and knots defects
  • Mounted, sealed, and tested roof top
  • Dual pocket screw joinery for durability and tight joints
  • Heavy duty 35mm Multiway adjustable hinges

2. Interior

  • Updated two-tone color scheme
  • 12 volts TV with DVD
  • European Styled cabinetry

3. Bedroom

  • Standard 60-inch x 80-inch Queen sized bed
  • Quick Store bed base (most models)
  • Quick Store bed base (most models)

4. Kitchen

  • 16 inches round hand-built kitchen sink
  • Deep bowl sink
  • Recessed gas cooktop
  • High Rise kitchen faucet

5. Bathroom

  • Foot flush toilet
  • Shower/tub surround
  • Power vent in bathroom
  • Skylight in shower
  • Medicine cabinet

6. Safety

  • Fire extinguisher

7. Exterior

  • 6-Sided Aluminum
  • Azdel Composite
  • Fully walkable roof
  • Power Awning with LED Light
  • Outdoor performance dinette fabrics
  • 110W outlet control
  • 110W Solar Panel
  • 1200W Inverter
  • Solar Monitor
  • Hybrid Entry Step
  • Dual 20lb LP Canisters
  • Battery Disconnect
  • Exterior Speakers
  • Matching Spare Tire
  • Wifi HD Antenna
  • 4G LTE Prep

8. Axles and Tires

  • Torsion Axle
  • Power Tongue Jack
  • 4-Corner Jacks
  • Welded Bumper
  • 15” All-Terrain Tires

Key Specs of the Heartland Mallard and Mallard Pathfinder Travel Trailers

heartland mallard reviews

I will now give you two tables that detail the key specs of these two RV model lineups of the Heartland RVs, starting with the Heartland Mallard with 16 differing floorplans:

Heartland Mallard

Floor PlanOverall LengthWeightAccommodationSlides
180BH22 feet 9 inches3820 pounds7 personsnone
18521 feet 11 inches3632 pounds5 persons 
210RB22 feet 1 inch4598 pounds4 persons1
23027 feet 2 inches5540 pounds7 persons 
24528 feet 10 inches5518 pounds8 persons1
2530 feet 9 inches5968 pounds5 persons1
251BH30 feet6110 pounds8 persons1
25231 feet 11 inches6026 pounds4 persons1
2632 feet 1 inch5996 pounds9 persons1
26031 feet5866 pounds5 persons1
2730 feet 4 inches5672 pounds5 persons1
30136 feet6874 pounds7 persons1
312 36 feet7012 pounds10 persons1
32 34 feet 10 inches6926 pounds9 persons2
3337 feet7746 pounds9 persons3
335 39 feet 8 inches8840 pounds4 persons3

Mallard Pathfinder

There are only two floorplans in the Mallard Pathfinder. Their key specs are in the following table:

Floor PlanOverall LengthWeightAccommodation
P 16SRD21 feet 4 inches3522 pounds3 t0 4 persons
P 17QBH21 feet 4 inches3516 pounds5 to 6 persons

Full Specs of the Heartland Mallard and Mallard Pathfinder Travel Trailers

The table below shows the complete specs of the Heartland Mallard 180BH and the Mallard Pathfinder P 16SRD:

Part SectionHeartland Mallard 180BHMallard Pathfinder P 16SRD
LENGTH22 feet 8-1/2 inches21 feet 4 inches
HEIGHT10 feet 4 inches10 feet 5 inches
WIDTH8 feet 1/2 inch7 feet 3/8 inch
DRY WEIGHT3,820 pounds3,522 pounds
GVWR5,400 pounds4,934 pounds
CARGO CAPACITY1548 pounds1380 pounds
HITCH WEIGHT582 pounds434 pounds
AREA149 square feet122 square feet
BED SIZEQueenQueen
BEDROOM HEIGHT6 feet 4 inches6 feet 6 inches
SLEEP CAPACITY7 to 8 persons3-4
FURNACE18,000 BTU20,000 BTU
REFRIGERATOR6 cubic feet (110 volts or LP)5 cubic feet/110/LP
LP TANK CAPACITY2 units at 20 pounds each2 units at 20 pounds each
COOKTOP2 burners2 burners
WATER HEATER6 gallons6 gallons
FRESH TANK45 gallons46 gallons
BLACK TANK40 gallons30 gallons
GREY TANK40 gallons30 gallons
AXLE1 x 5,100 pounds1 x 5,200 pounds
SHORE POWER30 amps30 amps
CONVERTER55 amps55 amps
AWNING LENGTH15 feet13 feet

Conclusion: Heartland Mallard and Mallard Pathfinder Travel Trailer

The Heartland Mallard and the Mallard Pathfinder are two different model lineups of RVs manufactured by Heartland, a builder of high-quality travel trailers. These RVs are well built and are easy to set up. Each RV model lineup consists of several floor plans.

The lengths of these floor plans range from 21 feet to 39 feet. All of these RVs come with innovative features. They are all built with the best materials available in the country. So, you can enjoy residential comforts while you are enjoying your outdoor adventures.