Crossroads Zinger Travel Trailer Specs and Review 

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Feel right at home even when you are on the road. Enjoy luxurious and comfortable living with the right motorhome. In this Crossroads Zinger Travel Trailer review, I will talk about its features and specs, so you can decide if it’s the right RV for you.

The Crossroads Zinger Travel Trailer delivers comfort, convenience, space efficiency, and affordability. With a sleeping capacity of six, it has a spacious interior. It is easy to feel at home when you have luxurious features, including a queen bed, fireplace, LED accent lighting, and electric awning. 

Here’s a quick summary of the technical specs of the Zinger RV: 

Sleeping Capacity 6
Hitch Weight 904 pounds 
Dry Weight 6,638 pounds 
Cargo Weight 3,062 pounds 
Holding Tank Capacities Freshwater – 51 pounds, Greywater – 78 pounds, Black water – 39 gallons 
Liquid Propane Tank Capacity 20 pounds 
Dimensions32′ 6″ x 8′ x 11′ 3″ 

Read on to learn more about the Crossroads Zinger Travel Trailer, including its features, as well as some of its benefits and drawbacks. 

About the Crossroads Zinger Travel Trailer 

Crossroads Zinger travel trailer

For the adventurous and conscientious – that is what Crossroads promises to be. Since the company was established in 1996, it has built a reputation for making high-quality travel trailers and fifth wheels. With RVs hand-built in Topeka, Indiana, you can expect the most innovative technologies and superior performance.

Currently, Crossroads has a wide array of motorhomes, including the following: 

  1. Hampton 
  2. Sunset Trail 
  3. Volante 
  4. Cameo 
  5. Cruiser 

In this review, however, our focus is the Zinger Travel Trailer. It has a thoughtful design that ensures the perfect balance between form and function. From the interior to the exterior, it demonstrates top-notch quality. From the kitchen to the bathroom, you will appreciate its incredible features. It is spacious and comfortable.

Specs of the Crossroads Zinger Travel Trailer 

To start this review, let’s have a quick look at the main technical details of the Crossroads Zinger RV. With these specs, you can expect great performance from the motorhome. While several models are available, this article will focus on ZR280RB:

1. Sleeping Capacity 

The Zinger travel trailer can sleep up to six people. It has a bedroom with a queen bed, as well as a spacious interior. You can use the couch as a bed and add mattresses on the floor to make the most out of the available space.

2. Hitch Weight 

The hitch weight is the maximum weight that the tongue puts on the hitch you will be mounting the trailer. This model has a hitch weight of 904 pounds. Going beyond such puts too much weight on the towing vehicle.

3. Dry Weight 

It refers to the trailer’s actual weight with the standard equipment that originally comes from the manufacturer. Meaning, it does not include the following:

  • Cargo,
  • Accessories,
  • Fluids, and
  • Passengers, among other things.

The dry weight of this trailer is 6,638 pounds. 

4. Cargo Weight 

The cargo weight refers to all the additional weight to the dry weight of the RV. This will include optional equipment and personal cargo, among other things. In the case of this trailer, the cargo weight is 3,062 pounds. For safety and efficiency, make sure to not go beyond such. 

5. Holding Tank Capacities 

The Zinger travel trailer has three holding tanks with different capacities. 

  • Fresh Water Capacity: 51 gallons 
  • Gray Water Capacity: 78 gallons 
  • Black Water Capacity: 39 gallons 

6. Liquid Propane Tank Capacity 

In the Crossroads Zinger RV, liquid propane is the main source of energy for heating and cooling. To add, it also powers different appliances. The liquid propane tank capacity of this RV is 20 pounds. 

7. Dimensions 

Below are the exterior dimensions of the ZR280RB Travel Trailer: 

  • Length: 32’ 6”
  • Width: 8’
  • Height: 11’ 3”

Again, what does the Crossroads Zinger RV offer? The Crossroads Zinger RV offers the comfort of a home with its luxurious features, including a queen bed, fireplace, LED accent lighting, and electric awning. Plus, it is spacious and affordable too.

Main Features of the Crossroads Zinger RV 

zinger travel trailer floor plans

The Zinger travel trailer packs a plethora of exceptional features to stand out amidst the competition and deliver the best experience on the road:

1. One-piece Rubber Roof 

Walking on the top of the roof is easy. For instance, if you need to repair something, no need to worry about easily slipping. The roof is made of rubber for great traction. Plus, it has a one-piece construction, which is beneficial in terms of longevity. 

2. Heated and Enclosed Underbelly 

Aside from being durable, the underbelly is also commendable because of its insulation. The latter helps in effective temperature management. In turn, you can expect the highest level of comfort regardless of the weather outside the trailer.

3. Solar Power Prep 

The RV is ready if you want to install solar panels. This will provide an alternative source of power when you are outdoors.

4. LED Accent Lighting 

From the living room to the exterior of the trailer, you will find LED accent lighting. The latter provides subtle illumination while also adding a hint of aesthetics to the RV. Not to mention, it makes it more relaxing. 

5. U-shaped Dinette 

The style of the dinette differs from one model to another. Nonetheless, for the ZR280RB, which is the review’s focus, you will find a U-shaped dinette. It has dimensions of 42 x 80 inches. 

6. Queen-Sized Bed 

One of the central features of the bedroom is the queen-sized bed. It has dimensions of 60 x 74 inches, which can comfortably sleep, two people. 

7. Keyed-Alike-Lock System 

It means that the major locks in the trailer have the same shape, so you will need only one key for opening them. This is convenient compared to having lots of different keys. 

8. Electric Awning 

Rain or shine, the awning will help protect you when you are outside the trailer. It shelters against the rain and shields from the harsh heat of the sun. Even better, it has electric controls, making it easy to put on and off. 

Pros and Cons of the Crossroads Zinger Motorhome 

zinger travel trailer reviews

Undecided if the Zinger Travel Trailer is a great option? Here, we’ll weigh the good and the bad to help you evaluate this RV:

Pros of the Crossroads Zinger RV 

Below is a quick rundown of some of the good things about this motorhome:

1. Available in Various Floor Plans 

There is something for everyone. If you are thinking of buying this trailer, you can choose from 16 diverse floorplans. Meanwhile, ten of them have bunkhouses, maximizing space availability. Choose from thoughtful designs and layouts that suit your preferences. 

2. Roomy Walk-in Shower 

Another good thing about the RV is that the shower room has a generous space. This is unlike many others that will feel too cramped. With a shower room size of 30 x 36 inches, you will enjoy your bath time on the road. 

3. Spacious Open Floor Plan 

It is not only the shower that is roomy in this travel trailer. The spacious floor plan is also a plus. This means that you can move around easily. Plus, you can add mattresses in the trailer to increase its sleeping capacity. 

4. User-friendly Central Control Panel 

Controlling the different parts of the trailer is effortless. You will love the central panel, which has almost everything you will need to control things in the motorhome. You can do the latter with a touch of a finger. 

5. Great Warranty Coverage 

For your peace of mind, it is also good to know that it has comprehensive warranty coverage. The company provides a three-year structural warranty. More so, the rubber roof of the trailer is covered for 12 years. Meanwhile, the cabinet doors and drawers have a limited lifetime warranty. 

6. Excellent Customer Support 

Another excellent reason to choose this RV is the exceptional customer support that the company provides. You can rely on their knowledgeable staff if you have questions and concerns. To add, there is an active community of users that share their experiences and tips for making the most out of this motorhome. 

Cons of the Crossroads Zinger RV 

While we love many things about Zinger, it also has several drawbacks, including those you’ll find below:

1. Condensation Can be a Problem 

Some users complained about how condensation can be a significant issue, especially if you live in a place where it always rains. If you don’t attend to the problem immediately, there is a risk of developing a musty smell inside the trailer. 

2. Roof Is Prone to Leaking 

Going through the experiences of its users, some were unhappy with the leaks in the roof. This can cause a stench in the trailer, especially when left unattended. Even with the gutters and drain spouts, leaks can be a problem. 

3. Does Not Come With a Generator 

One thing that is missing in this trailer is a generator. It would have been better if a generator to supply the necessary electricity on the road or when you are camping. 

Conclusion: Crossroads Zinger Travel Trailer 

The Crossroads Zinger RV is a comfortable and spacious travel trailer that will redefine your road trips. A queen bed and spacious interior with provisions for extra mattresses can sleep up to six people. The main features include:

  • A one-piece rubber roof,
  • Heated underbelly,
  • Solar power prep, and
  • An electric awning. 

Many users of the Zinger travel trailer were happy with its spacious interior, intuitive control panel, and great warranty coverage. Despite such, the motorhome also has some issues, including condensation and the lack of a generator. 

To recap, the table below lists down some of its main technical specs: 

Sleeping Capacity 6
Hitch Weight 904 pounds 
Dry Weight 6,638 pounds 
Cargo Weight 3,062 pounds 
Holding Tank Capacities Freshwater – 51 pounds, Greywater – 78 pounds, Black water – 39 gallons 
Liquid Propane Tank Capacity 20 pounds 
Dimensions32′ 6″ x 8′ x 11′ 3″