DRV Luxury Suites Specs and Review

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A bath and a half, luxurious comfort and amenities, and triple slides. A DRV luxury trailer has all these and more. In this DRV Luxury Suites review, I’ll list all its features and specs to help you see if it is the right RV for you.

The name DRV Luxury Suites Fifth Wheels are full-time, ultimate luxury RVs for all seasons. DRV are travel trailers in a class by themselves because of their reliability and quality. They are fondly called “Toy Haulers.”

The DRV Luxury Suites company has focused its efforts on making fifth wheels with sizeable floor plans. The length of their living spaces ranges from 32 feet to 44 feet. As long and as massive as they are, these luxury RVs are made for people who want to live in them full-time, or at least for extended stays.

Read on to learn more about the DRV Luxury Suites, their specs and features, and the important things you need to know about them to show if they are worth considering.

About the DRV Luxury Suites

DRV Luxury Suites

Fifth wheels that exude ultimate luxury for four seasons or full-time RVing are what the DRV Luxury Suites are well-known for. DRV has built a reputation for dependability and the high quality of its units. That is why their travel trailers are regarded as a class by themselves.

Toy Hauler Market

Today, this RV builder has made a product aimed at the upscale ‘Toy Hauler’ market. They found out that no RV maker is making Toy Haulers with all their trailers’ solid construction and luxury.

DRV Luxury Suites Full House Models

DRV Luxury Suites, specifically the Full House models, are built on the company’s Mobile Suite foundation. This model lineup of travel trailers is built to be lived in full time. Certainly, you can use them for all four seasons. Owners of these units are encouraged to use them and travel with them, anywhere they want.

As you travel, you want to bring along your toys with you. That is why DRV thought of well laid out floor plans and constantly upgrades them to satisfy the needs of the Toy Haulers. As such, they are not your ordinary travel trailers.

Offer All the Comfort and Conveniences of a Luxurious Home

DRV Luxury Suites offer all the comfort and conveniences of luxurious home, including a bedroom and a residential kitchen. You will have peace of mind knowing that it will satisfy all your essential and comfort needs wherever you go.

Ample Space

These luxury suites offer ample space for everything. Their lengths range from 32 to 44 feet. They are of such big sizes because they are aimed at those who want to live in them full time, travel in them for all four seasons, and use them for all occasions.

Solid Construction

DRV Luxury Suites can be used for extended periods of time because of their solid construction. Most of the trailer units use 3 ¼ inch thick sidewalls. To make them more efficient in cooling and heating, these sidewalls are equipped with two moisture barriers.

DRV Luxury Suites Builder

Thor Industries, the largest maker of RVs in the industry, is the builder of DRV Luxury Suites. This company was established in 2003. More than 10 years later, they still espouse the same vision they had when they started.

It is their customers that are still their most important recipe for success. Their goal for each year is to improve their product to meet the needs of customers who are looking for a new home. They are open to feedback from their customers to discover and learn what they really want.

DRV Luxury Suites Key Features

You can expect a luxurious RV to have all the bells and whistles. Of all the DRV Luxury Suites’ features, some items stand out from the rest.

Here are those features that put these travel trailers in a class by themselves:

1. Solid Body Construction

The most critical part of any home is its foundation. It should be durable, dependable, strong, and should last for a lifetime and more. This is what you can expect from the DRV Luxury Suites. Each unit is equipped with a custom-engineered 15 inches triple box tube frame.

This frame is 101 inches wide, making it the biggest and most solid fifth wheel frame in the market. Due to this design, flexing of the frame around the pin box is eliminated. It also allowed the framing of the upper deck with steel. This also creates more space for the storage compartment so that you can fit more of your personal items.

2. 6-Jack Level-Up System

DRV specially designs this jack leveling system. It allows for quick and easy trailer leveling and provides the strength to stabilize the trailers during setup.

3. Thick Walls

Every DRV Luxury Suites trailer has 3 ¼” walls. They are the thickest walls used in the industry. This gives maximum insulation from the outside weather and noise. To eliminate condensation, exclusive foam core vapors are installed on these walls.

4. R-16 Residential Insulation

All walls of the DRV Luxury Suites are surrounded by R-16 residential insulation. This is the industry’s best insulation and makes the unit eco-friendly as well.

5. Hydraulic Rack and Pinion Slide-Outs

All luxury suites are equipped with commercial hydraulic racks and pinion slide-outs. To protect the gearboxes against the weather, they are all installed inside the trailer.

6. Equal Pressure Throughout the RV

The pressure is equal throughout all the places inside the RV. This is made possible by the copper water manifold. It is a standard feature of all luxury suites. Every ½ inch water line has its own shut-off valve and is properly labeled. This will allow you to isolate one water line without affecting the water supply in the other parts of the trailer.

7. Sidewalls Bolted for Superior Strength

The sidewalls of the trailer unit are solidly constructed and have excellent strength because they are residentially hanged and carriage-bolted onto the floor.

8. Hydraulic Jacks for Maximum Stability

Several pin-less hydraulic jacks are mounted at 5-degree angles. This provides maximum stability to the whole trailer structure.

9. Goodyear Tires

The tires of these luxury suites are all 17.5” Goodyear tires. They deliver increased load capacity while still staying cool during long hauls. DRV uses truck tires, not RV tires. This gives peace of mind to the dweller and better performance for the trailer unit.

10. Enhanced Safety

To improve safety, luxury suites are equipped with commercial E-Z Lube hubs. They are also held and controlled by 8 big stud bolts, each bolt measuring 5/8 inches. These trailer units are also equipped with standard automotive disc brakes.

Again, what do DRV Luxury Suites offer? The DRV Luxury Suites is a name known for full-time and ultimate luxury RVs fit for all seasons. Also, DRV, also known as Toy Haulers, are travel trailers famous for their quality and reliability.

DRV Luxury Suites Standard Features

DRV Suites

Each unit of the DRV Luxury Suites comes complete with all the standard items and accessories. Here is a list of all these features for each section of this luxurious travel trailer:

1. Interior

  • Vinyl floor tile, hand laid
  • Carpet, extra durable, plush residential
  • Carpet pad, residential rebond
  • Cabinetry, solid hardwood
  • Fascia trim around slide outs, solid hardwood
  • Cabinet stiles, solid hardwood (pocket drilled or screwed)
  • Raised panel cabinetry
  • Cabinet door hinges, concealed
  • Ceiling fan (majority of models)
  • Dinette table, with concealed leaf extension (a few models)
  • Dinette buffet, custom hardwood, with solid surface top (a few models)
  • Dinette chairs, 2, custom hardwood, with fabric accent (a few models)
  • Centralized control station and utility closet with coat storage
  • Ceiling lighting, LED, on dimmer switches
  • HD wiring throughout
  • Crown molding throughout

2. Master Bedroom

  • King size bed, 72” x 80” with innerspring mattress
  • Full storage under bed base
  • Reading lights, dimmable over the bed with individual switches
  • Walk-in front closet, custom with built in dresser (a few models)
  • Front closet, red cedar lined
  • Wardrobe doors, custom hardwood
  • Vanity slide
  • 32” TV with built in soundbar

3. Gourmet Kitchen

  • Solid Surface Countertops, high polished
  • Double bowl stainless steel sink, deep, with sink covers
  • Residential kitchen faucet with sprayer
  • Residential stainless steel French door refrigerator 20 cubic feet
  • Stainless steel range, residential style
  • Stainless steel convection/microwave
  • Custom appliance garage with pull-out tray (majority of models)
  • 13 gallons garbage can, pull-out
  • Lighted pantries and kitchen/bathroom toe kicks

4. Master Bath/Hallway

  • Hand laid vinyl tile all over
  • Hardwood steps
  • Maxxair fan in bathroom
  • Porcelain toilet with water saver spray
  • Fiberglass shower pan with shower surround, custom
  • Sky-light over shower with LED pot light
  • Heat and A/C ducting in bathroom
  • Washer/dryer prep
  • Macerator toilet (a few models)

5. Floor Construction

  • 3″ thick floor
  • Plywood flooring, 5/8″ tongue and groove
  • 14″ O.C. floor Aluminum floor joists
  • Joist construction: screwed and glued
  • Four season perimeter heat ducting in floor
  • Insulation: residential rated R29 Formaldehyde free 

6. Roof Construction

  • Rubber roof, seamless, 1-piece
  • Roof overlayment, 1/2″ plywood
  • Rafter spacing: 16″ O.C.
  • Vinyl Ceiling, soft-touch, including interior slide-out ceilings
  • Insulation: residential rated R25 formaldehyde free 

7. Walls/Slides Construction

  • 3 1/4″ thick walls and slides
  • Azdel onboard composite panels
  • Stud spacing: 16″ O.C.
  • Screwed and glued aluminum stud construction
  • Vapor barrier:1/4″ Monsanto® Fome-Cor (eliminates condensation)
  • 1/4″ thick high gloss Gelcoat fiberglass
  • Insulation: residential rated R16 Formaldehyde free 

8. Systems

  • Residential type 1/2″ water lines
  • Exclusive copper water manifold with individual shut-off valves
  • Multi-switch water bypass system
  • Whole house water filtration system
  • 50 amp service with detachable cord
  • 80 amp 12 VDC converter
  • A/C system, fully ducted with cold air return
  • Triple 15,000 BTU low-profile A/Cs
  • 40,000 BTU furnace with custom plenum
  • Forced heat ducting to tanks/water system
  • 12 gallons gas/electric DSI water heater
  • Residential 5 duct heating system with 6″ ducting
  • 12VDC battery on pull out tray
  • HD roof satellite prep for dual DVR receivers
  • HD TV antenna
  • Solar prep
  • HD ground satellite and cable prep

9. Tanks

  • Fresh water tank – 100 gallons
  • Grey water tank with power flush – 75 gallons
  • Black water tank with power flush – 50 gallons
  • SeeLevel tank monitoring system on every tank
  • Slide out propane tray with dual 40-pound tanks

10. Exterior

  • Power awning with aluminum weather shield (covering the entry doors)
  • Straight roof line with 8 feet tall interior slide out height
  • Custom painted exterior with clear coat
  • High gloss Gelcoat fiberglass
  • High gloss Gelcoat fiberglass molded caps
  • Insulation: Subzero Thermo- Pack high density 
  • LED back-up lights
  • Exterior clearance lights: commercial LED
  • LED docking lights
  • Mid-ship and front cap turn signal
  • Basement lights: motion sensor LED lights
  • Custom enlarged control center w/LED lighting
  • Dual 78″ entry door
  • Frameless tinted safety glass windows
  • Storm door panels, removable
  • Metal slam door compartment latches
  • Extra thick compartment doors with gas struts
  • Exterior grab handle, Lend-a-Hand
  • Water pump switch at outside hookup center

11. Garage

  • 50″ LED HD TV
  • Overhead cabinetry: industrial metal
  • Garage audio/entertainment system: touch screen/blue tooth
  • LED lighting
  • Dual 30-gallon fuel tanks with fuel pump and fill station

Key Specs of the DRV Luxury Suites

drv luxury suites mobile suites fifth wheel

Here are the essential specs of the DRV Luxury Suites travel trailer with lengths ranging from 44 feet and 2 inches to 44 feet and 5 inches. DRV names these variants as 10’ Garage, 12’ Garage, and 13’ Garage:

  • Body Frame – 101” wide
  • Frame Type – 15” custom triple box tube fram
  • Tires – 17 and 1/2-inch Goodyear tires, H-rated
  • Brakes – automotive disc brakes
  • Axle Type – triple-axle models, rated at 8,000 pounds
  • Axle Type – tandem-axle models, rated at 9,000 pounds, heavy-duty
  • Wall Type – 3 and 1/4-inch thick walls with foam core
  • Fresh Water Tank Capacity – 100 gallons
  • Gray Water Tank Capacity – 75 gallons
  • Black Water Tank Capacity – 50 gallons
  • Water Heater Tank Capacity – 12 gallons

Below is a video that will show you how luxurious the interior of a DRV Luxury Suites travel trailer is:

Sample Prices of Used DRV Luxury Suites

To give you an idea of how much a DRV Luxury Suite travel trailer costs, here are two used DRV travel trailers. One model has an overall length of 37 feet and 2 inches, and the other is the longest of DRV travel models at 44 feet:

DRV Luxury Suites Mobile Suites 36 RSSB3

  • Length – 37’ 2”
  • Weight – 15,800 pounds
  • Sleeps 4
  • Slides 3
  • Used Price – $64, 999

DRV Luxury Suites Mobile Suites 44 Houston

  • Length – 44’ 2”
  • Weight – 19,700 pounds
  • Sleeps 4
  • Slides 3
  • Used Price – $91,995

Conclusion: DRV Luxury Suites Specs and Review

With their reputable quality and reliability, the DRV Luxury Suites have become a class by themselves. These luxurious travel trailers are well-known as four-season and full-time recreational vehicles. They are specially designed for the upscale “Toy Hauler” market.