Airstream Flying Cloud Specs and Review

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The Airstream has been an icon in the RV world. They’re known for their signature aluminum bodies that can be identified even from afar. The Airstream Flying Cloud has been a choice for many families for their road trips and adventures. Let’s take a look at the specs and why people love the Airstream Flying Cloud.

The Flying Cloud has been completely redesigned for its 2021 models, offering 5 lengths and 14 floorplans. Depending on the RV model, the Flying Cloud can sleep 4-8 people. The company re-designed its interiors with the modern Sunlit Maple décor and comes equipped with an HD television and a stereo with Bluetooth and surround sound.

The Flying Cloud has a gross vehicle weight rating of 7300 pounds and has a net carrying capacity of 1178-2283 pounds. The 2021 Flying Cloud starts at $78,900.

Read on to learn more about the Airstream Flying Cloud specifications, how it started, and more.

About the Airstream Flying Cloud

Airstream Flying Cloud

The Flying Cloud is Airstream’s most popular RV that has been the choice for many families, retirees, and adventure seekers. The Flying Cloud was first introduced in 1949, and since then, they have consistently improved the versatile travel trailer.

The 2021 Flying Cloud has been completely redesigned and has an offering of 5 lengths and 14 floorplans. Some models can sleep up to 8. It boasts of the modern Sunlit Maple décor and comes equipped with an HD television and a stereo with Bluetooth and surround sound.

The Flying Cloud has a gross vehicle weight rating of 7300 pounds and has a net carrying capacity of 1179- 2283 pounds. The 2021 Flying Cloud starts at $78,900.

The Flying Cloud was built with excellent quality and functionality in design combined. Each unit is made with a fluorocarbon-treated UV-protected aluminum body, tempered windows that are tinted, plus an aluminum insulated heated underbelly to make your camping trips comfortable in all types of weather.

About Airstream

Wally Byam, Airstream’s founder, built the world’s first Airstream in 1928. In 1931, the company Airstream was started. In 1936, the first riveted aluminum trailer, the Clipper, was born. When World War II broke out, the company needed to be shut. After the war, Byam worked for Curtis Wright Industries, designing trailers for the company.

Soon after, Byam left the company and re-opened Airstream. In 1952, Airstream needed to expand and opened an office in the Midwest. The company has continuously grown from that time on and has become one of the most trusted and reliable makers of RVs.

Airstream has helped connect people to adventures in the outside world for almost 90 years now. To quote the company’s President and CEO, Bob Wheeler, “Our purpose is to bring people together in the experience of exploration and adventure. We strive to uphold our promises to both people and nature in every aspect of the Airstream experience – at the factory, on the road, and at the campsite.”

Airstream Flying Cloud Features

1. Quietstream Climate Control

The Flying Cloud has the Quietstream Climate Control air conditioning and heating system. It cools or heats the air in the cabin without buzzing noises. It can also warm the trailer without the use of the furnace by using a heat pump. This ensures that you’ll be comfortable in the trailer, whatever the weather may be.

2. Seating Upholstered in Ultraleather

Airstream uses Ultraleather as upholstery in its seating. No, it isn’t real leather, but there’s a reason for this. Ultraleather is a very supple material, so it feels good to the touch, and at the same time, it’s highly durable.

It’s easy to clean, scratch-proof, stain-proof, and doesn’t crack with temperature changes. Your trailer furniture will always look brand-new!

3. Space Is Used Wisely with Convertible Areas

The dinettes and other lounge areas in the Flying Cloud can be converted into sleeping are when you’re ready for bed.

To convert a dinette into more sleeping space, you change the table’s stand to a lower one and place the cushions on top, and you instantly have a sleeping spot. There are also reclining chairs that can be used as sleeping spaces.

4. A Well-equipped Kitchen

The kitchen is equipped with a three-burner gas stove by Furrion, a Baraldi cooking vent, and an option to have a microwave and a refrigerator installed. The sink boasts of a Delta faucet. There are numerous cabinets with shelves for your pots, pans, and dishes. Plus lockers overhead to serve as your pantry.

5. Retractable Awning

The awning can be retracted to shield you from the sun when you have activities outside. Zipdee makes the awning with Sunbrella and is ultra-durable.

6. Memory Foam Mattress

Beds are fitted with memory foam mattresses to ensure you always get a good night’s sleep.

7. High technology Entertainment System

You’ll get a Blu-Ray player and an HD television in your RV so that you can stream movies or watch discs. A JL stereo with Bluetooth, surround sound, and subwoofer will give you amazing-sounding music.

8. Optional Front Bunk

You may choose to add a front bunk for more sleeping areas. The front bunk can be fitted above the queen bed or the twin beds. The bunk allows up to 150 pounds of weight.

Specs of the Flying Cloud

airstream flying cloud interior

The following are the range specifications for the Flying Cloud 2021. The Flying Cloud has 14 floorplans to choose from:

Overall Specs

Overall Exterior LengthRanges from 23 feet – 30 feet and11 inches
Overall Interior WidthRanges from 7 feet and 7 inches – 8feet and 5.5 inches
Maximum GVWRRanges from 6,000 – 7,000 lbs.
Net Carrying CapacityRanges from 1,179 – 2,283 lbs.
Will sleep4 – 8 passengers

Interior Specs

The 2021 Airstream Flying Cloud has the modern Sunlit Maple Décor. It has refreshing shades that look stylish and has an open-floor concept.

The Quietstream Climate Control System is new to the 2121 Flying Cloud, a reliable system for air-conditioning and heating that works quietly.

Exterior Specs

The exterior of the Flying Cloud has that classic Airstream aluminum panels that have been fluorocarbon treated. It also tinted, tempered windows and an underbelly that is aluminum insulated.

A retractable awning made by ZipDee keeps you comfortable when you want to have outdoor activities.

Water Storage

The Airstream Flying Cloud 2021 rests on two axles so that it can be easily be maneuvered. There are three water tanks – one each for freshwater, gray water, and black water. You can store 35-52 gallons of freshwater, depending on the Flying Cloud model you purchase.

Used gray and black water can be kept in tanks before you dispose of them properly. Gray water can be kept in a tank that has a capacity of 31-41 gallons and black water can be kept in a tank that has a capacity of 17 to 41 gallons.

Again, what does the Airstream Flying Cloud offer? The Airstream Flying Cloud 2021 models have been redesigned. Currently, it is available in 5 lengths, 14 unique floorplans, and a modern Sunlit Maple interior-all equipped with an HD television and a stereo with Bluetooth.

Why Choose Airstream?

airstream flying cloud specs

Airstream prides itself on building its RVs with quality and functional design. Let’s take a closer look at Airstream’s quality and design:


Airstream puts in about 350 hours building each travel trailer, while other companies who make white box trailers put in about 50 hours for each trailer. They ensure that each trailer that comes out of their production line is durable and will last for many generations.

While other trailers have about a 15-year lifespan, Airstream trailers last more than a lifetime. In fact, 70% of Airstream trailers created over the years can still be seen on the road today which is proof of careful craftsmanship by the company.

And, because it is carefully crafted, you’re going to have higher resale value and low maintenance fees than other trailers.


Airstream Travel trailers are designed so that they can be functional and comfortable at the same time.

Let’s start with the classic design of the body. Airstream has a patented shape that is aerodynamic, stable, and creates less draft, making it safe to drive. The shape was actually designed so that you can have better fuel efficiency.

Airstream flooring is built with Transcore. Transcore is from Ridge Corporation and is made from waterproof, inert recycled glass plus polypropylene. It provides the trailer with firm, strong flooring that’s waterproof so that leaks are lessened and resists mold, mildew, and water damage.

Airstream trailers’ wheels have their own suspension, and because they have a rubber torsion axle, 50% more of road vibration is absorbed than other trailers that use leaf springs. Road shock is lessened, and you’ll be assured of a more stable and easier towing experience.

Conclusion: Airstream Flying Cloud Specs and Review

Airstream has been making trailers for almost 90 years. With so much solid experience, it is no wonder that the brand is known all over the country for making quality RVs with functional design. The Flying Cloud is the most popular trailer in the Airstream lineup, chosen by adventure-seeking families.

By 2021, Flying Cloud has been redesigned to be more comfortable and stylish. It has an offering of 5 lengths and 14 floorplans. Some models can sleep up to 8, depending on the model you get.

The interiors have been modernized with the Sunlit Maple décor and come equipped with an HD television and a stereo with Bluetooth and surround sound for a better entertainment experience.

Depending on the model, The Flying Cloud has a gross vehicle weight rating of 7300 pounds and a net carrying capacity with a range of 1179- 2283 pounds. The 2021 Flying Cloud starts at $78,900.

You can check out the Airstream Official website for more details and pricing of the Flying Cloud 2021 models.