Cruiser RV Radiance Specs and Review

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If you’re someone who enjoys camping but does not want to rough it, the Cruiser RV Radiance will be good for you. It’s an RV that offers luxurious features at an affordable price.

The Cruiser RV Radiance is a lightweight laminated trailer and can sleep 5-9 people, depending on the model. There are 12 floorplans to choose from. These trailers are made with tri-tone, high-gloss dipped sidewalls, aluminum roofing, and plywood flooring to make them very durable. The interiors are luxuriously designed to make your trips comfortable.

Read on to learn about the Cruiser RV Radiance, its specifications and features, and much more.

About the Cruiser RV Radiance

Cruiser RV Radiance

Carefully Crafted

Cruiser RV started in 1988 when a family who loved camping and was on a budget made their RV. Friends and family soon ordered trailers from them, and today, they are no longer a small company. However, they still build each RV as if they were making it for themselves, with careful crafting and attention to detail.

Lightweight Trailer

The Cruiser RV Radiance is a lightweight, laminated trailer that’s easy to tow. It can sleep 5-9 people. With 12 floorplans to choose from, there will be one that’s perfect for you.

Stylish and Luxurious Interiors

The trailers are made with tri-tone, high-gloss sidewalls, plywood flooring, and aluminum flooring. The Cruiser RV Radiance has interiors that were created stylishly and luxuriously with your every comfort in mind.

Towable By Most Average Size Pick-up Trucks

Lightweight RVs let you haul more stuff and gives you more trailer space for the same towing power required from your vehicle. The Cruiser RV radiance is half-ton towable so that you can tow it with most average size pick-up trucks.

Cruiser RV Radiance Interior Features

1. King Bed Slide System With Pending Patent

The King Bed Slide system is solely available with the Cruiser RVs. It’s a simple but brilliant idea that lets you slide the king-size bed in the Master’s bedroom so that you can get more floor space. A slide mechanism is attached to the bottom of the bed, making it easy to push the bed from either side.

2. No Carpet Throughout the Entire RV

There has been much argument on whether it is better to have carpeted floors or vinyl in your RV. However, it’s much easier to maintain and keep floors clean when you don’t have a carpet. When an RV’s carpets get old, taking them out can be significant work.

The Cruiser RV Radiance has vinyl on its floors for the entire RV, which is stain-resistant and scratch-proof, making it ideal for bringing your pets with you or for the roughness that camping can bring.

3. Plywood Flooring

Plywood is superior to OSB, used in many other RVs. Thick plywood has a good load impact, and so you’re assured that your floors will last for a long time.

4. Living Area Has Black-out Roller Shades

You can convert the living area into more sleeping space. Black out-roller shades will ensure that no light comes in when you use the space for sleeping to help you get a good night’s sleep. Easily roll it up again when you want the light to pass through.

5. Seamless and Solid Countertops

Seamless countertops are more aesthetically pleasing to the eye. They are also easier to clean as there are fewer spaces where grease and grime can set in. The Cruiser RV has seamless countertops in the kitchen for both aesthetic and sanitary purposes.

6. Azdel Composite Laminated Side Walls

Azdel makes its products with polypropylene and fiberglass, making them sturdier and more durable than the regular lauan used in other RVs. By using Azdel for their sidewalls, Cruiser RV radiance ensures that the sidewalls will last for many generations.

Cruiser RV Radiance Exterior Features

cruiser rv radiance reviews

1. Fully Belly Storage With Pending Patent

Fully Belly storage is a feature that can be found only in Cruiser RVs. Its function is to provide added storage in a place that isn’t usually utilized, which is the underbelly of the RV. It has a pull-out mechanism that makes it easy to store things inside, like pool noodles or firewood.

2. Barrel Roof

The Cruiser RV radiance has a barrel roof that is 6’11”, which ensures that you have space overhead—using a barrel roof lessens the probability of leaks because it covers rectangular spaces better than a flat roof.

3. Two-tone Fiberglass Front Cap With LED Lights

Front caps are expensive, so some RV manufacturers do away with putting front caps on their trailers. The Cruiser RV Radiance has a fiberglass front cap to add another layer of safety against water intrusion.

4. Triple Steps for Entry Way With Lighting

To make entering the Cruiser RV Radiance quick and easy, they added three steps to the entryway. These steps are lighted, and you can turn them on when you’re using the steps at night.

5. LED Awning Light

The awning of the Cruiser RV Radiance has LED lights so that any outdoor activities you may have at night will be well-lit. It also adds a bit of romance if you have a dinner date outdoors.

6. Exterior Wall-mounted Speakers With LED Light

For outdoor activities where you might want to have music, these exterior speakers will prove to be a vital feature. They also come with a LED light for nighttime use.

Cruiser RV Radiance AC, Heat, Power and Water Features

1. Dual Ducted A/C

The Cruiser RV Radiance has dual ducted A/C. This means that there are separate ducts for warm and cold air so that it is easier to control the temperature to keep you comfortable in all kinds of weather.

2. Water Heater

You’ll always have access to hot water with the g gallon DSI gas. An electric heater is installed in the Cruiser RV Radiance.

3. Black Tank Flush

The RV comes with a black tank flush that lets you connect a hose to a valve so that you can easily power wash your tank. Having a black tank flush enables you to keep your tanks clean easily.

4. Equipped With Two 20-pound LP Tanks

The Cruiser RV Radiance has two propane tanks of 20 pounds each to meet your cooking and power needs. This ensures that you can cook, grill, and have all your appliances powered on your camping trips.

Again, what does the Cruiser RV Radiance offer? A spacious, lightweight laminated trailer, the Cruiser RV Radiance is dedicated to making your trips comfortable. Plus, you can choose from 12 unique floor plans, all of which have tri-tone, high-gloss dipped sidewalls, aluminum roofing, and plywood flooring. Also, the interiors are luxuriously designed to make your trips comfortable.

Other Features You Can Add to Cruiser RV Radiance

You can add the following features to your Cruiser RV Radiance for an additional price:

  • An LED TV
  • A barbecue grill
  • Upgrade of A/C to 14.55K BTU
  • 50 amp service for more power
  • A table that’s free standing to replace the dinette standard table

Specs of the Cruiser RV Radiance

cruiser rv radiance 22rb

The following are the specs for the Cruiser RV Radiance:

Available floorplans: 12

Dry Weight:

  • 5,346 lbs (R-21RB)
  • 5,727 lbs (R-25BH)
  • 6,080 lbs(R-25RB)
  • 6,152 lbs (R-26KB)
  • 6,396 lbs (R-27DD)
  • 6,792 lbs (R-27RE)
  • 6,788 lbs (R-28BH)
  • 6,404 lbs (R-28QD)
  • 6242 lbs (R-28RS)
  • 7,160 lbs (R-30DS)
  • 7,286 (R-29FL)
  • 7,532 (R-32BH)

Sleep capacity: 5-9 people, depending on model

Length: From 25 feet, 11 inches to 36 feet, 7 inches, depending on model

Refrigerator: Two-door, 10.7 cubic feet

Stovetop: Three burners

Why You Should Get a Cruiser RV Radiance?

If you’re still undecided whether to get the Cruiser RV Radiance, here are a few solid reasons that make it different from other motorhomes:

1. Foundation Is Strong

The Cruiser RV Radiance has a strong foundation because it has an oversized I-beam frame which gives it excellent stability. It also comes with Premium Dexter axles that are very easy to maintain. The tires are heavy-duty and have aluminum rims so that you are safe on the road.

2. Construction Is Ultra-Lite

Because the sidewalls are Azdel, the Cruiser RV Radiance is light and easy to tow. A lightweight trailer is also better for your gas mileage. The trailer uses high-density block foam as insulation to be cool during the summer and warm during the winter.

3. Cruiser Care Promise

When you purchase a Cruiser RV radiance, you’ll have the Cruiser Care promise, including:

  • 100% testing pre-delivery,
  • State-of-the-art production and facilities at their warehouse,
  • A 1-year factory warranty, and
  • 3-year limited structural warranty.

All of these ensure that your Cruiser RV Radiance is of good quality upon leaving the warehouse. Your RV also has a warranty for any defects on parts and workmanship during the manufacturing and assembly.

Conclusion: Cruiser RV Radiance Specs and Review

Luxury camping can be a reality with the Cruiser RV Radiance! Their models are lightweight with urban-style furniture and premium appliances to make you feel comfortable on your camping trips.

The Cruiser RV Radiance is a laminated trailer made from lightweight material. It can sleep 5-9 people, depending on the model. There are 12 floorplans you can pick from.

These Cruiser RV Radiance trailers are made with tri-tone, high-gloss dipped sidewalls, aluminum roofing, and plywood flooring so that you’re guaranteed they will last for a very long time. Cruiser made the interiors stylish and luxurious to make your camping trips comfortable.

Go and see the dealer locator on their official website so that you can check out their units at a dealer near you.