Forest River Cherokee RV Specs and Review

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This travel trailer is one of the best options for those just beginning to explore outdoor camping and those who have already spent many years enjoying this experience. In this Forest River Cherokee RV, I’ll list all its specs and features to help you see if it’s the right one for your adventure.

The Forest River Cherokee RV is a model lineup of travel trailers and toy haulers. These RVs are manufactured by Forest River, the fifth-best RV maker in North America. Every Cherokee that they build offers value, style, and superior comfort so you can enjoy your outdoor adventures to the full.

Forest River is a good and well-respected RV brand. The original owners of this company sold their interests to Forest River after the financial crisis of 2008. Since then, the production of Cherokee RVs has increased, leading to its leading position in the RV manufacturing industry.

Read on to learn more about the Forest River Cherokee RV, its features and specs, and things you need to know to determine if it will satisfy your requirements.

About the Forest River Cherokee RV

Forest River Cherokee RV
Forest River Cherokee RV 255RR

Designed to Give Superior Comfort

A Cherokee RV manufactured by Forest River is one of your best options if you’re looking for a travel trailer that you can use whenever you want to enjoy the outdoors. Every Cherokee model is designed to give you superior comfort, style, and the best value for your money.

The Cherokee brand is very reputable. It became even more dependable after the 2008 financial crisis when Forest River acquired it. Now, it is reputed to be the fifth-best RV brand in North America. These RVs are generally solid, dependable, and long-lasting.

Composed of Several Travel Trailers and Toy Haulers

The Cherokee RV is composed of several travel trailers and toy haulers. This RV model lineup has 15 Travel Trailer models and two Toy Hauler models. Each of these models has its floor plans.

Spacious and Functional

The designs of their floor plans are well-thought of. They are all spacious and functional and have all the amenities to make your outdoor stay comfortable and pleasant.


You can customize every living area of these recreational vehicles. You can choose to personalize the floorplan of your chosen RV and make it as homier as you want. The Cherokee RV has a comprehensive list of floorplans that suit families’ different sizes and individual tastes.

Peter Liegl Founded the Forest River Company

Peter Liegl founded the Forest River company in 1996. He wanted people to experience the outdoors by creating better travel trailers than what was available then. By pursuing his dreams, his company is now one of North America’s biggest RV manufacturers.

This company builds the following:

  • Travel trailers,
  • Toy haulers,
  • Fifth wheels, and
  • Class A and Class C motorhomes.

Moreover, this company is one of the divisions of Forest River Inc., owned by Berkshire Hathaway Company. Quality and dependability are two things that guide this company in building its different types of recreational vehicles.

Key Features of the Forest River Cherokee RV

Every Forest River Cherokee RV comes with tons of features. It will take us some time to discuss all of them. But if you will examine their key features, that’s how you will understand why many people want to own them. Here are the attractive features of this line of RVs:

1. Cherokee Total Control App and Remote Control System

Every Cherokee RV comes with a Total Control App and Remote Control System. That means you can remotely control every function in this travel trailer. This makes outdoor living inside the trailer easier and more convenient.

To do this, you have to download the Cherokee App on your smartphone or use a remote controller. Only the bedroom lights have separate switches that you need to use. You can control all the rest of the appliances inside the trailer through the app or the remote.

2. Powerful Air Conditioning System

One of the standard equipment of a Cherokee travel trailer is a big air conditioning system that puts out a huge 15,000 BTU. This A/C system also comes with a feature called Quick Cool Air Dump.

3. Premium Bedding Assemble

Every Cherokee RV comes with a package called premium bedding assemble. This means the mattress of each trailer can be assembled. This mattress also has an evergreen quality that you cannot easily damage.

4. External Porch Light

When you are outdoors, it’s quite scary at night because of the dark. The Cherokee RV has an answer for this. It is equipped with an external porch light. They are there to scare away potential threats at night. This light is standard for every Cherokee RV, but not with other brands.

5. External TV Option

Every Cherokee RV is prepped for outside TV placement. It comes with a TV bracket and external speakers that you can use to connect your TV too. Meaning, you can create an entertainment center outside of the RV. Not all RV brands offer this same feature.

6. Backup Camera System

Another standard feature in every Cherokee RV is related to your safety. This is in the form of a backup camera system which can serve as a surveillance unit that you can use to track any possible threat in the vicinity of the RV.

This system is installed inside the trailer. It will give you that priceless sense of safety and security while you are enjoying the outdoors. Knowing what happens outside of your RV when you are asleep is a great thing. You can anticipate and be prepared for what may happen.

Standard Features of the Forest River Cherokee RV

forest river cherokee rv reviews
Forest River Cherokee RV 294RR

If you look at the appliances and equipment that a Cherokee RV has, you will be amazed at how many it has. The Cherokee RV comes in three different packages:

  • Limited,
  • Base, and
  • Campfire.

Here are the standard features of a Cherokee RV, listed according to their respective packages:

1. Limited Package

  • Cherokee Total Control App and Remote Control System
  • Premium Bedding Ensemble and Comforter
  • Seamless Roofing Membrane with Heat Reflectivity
  • LED Interior Lights
  • LED Strip Lighting (not on every model)
  • Light Filtering Sheer Shading Premium Blackout Zebra Blinds
  • 8-inch Ceiling Mounted, Subwoofer with Accent Lighting
  • Supersized, Central Air Conditioning Unit (15,000 BTU) with Quick Cool Air Dump Feature
  • Upgraded Sofa with Bolster Arm Rests
  • Cherokee Back up Camera System
  • Super Kitchen
  • Chef Select Black Stainless Steel Kitchen Suite Package
  • Kitchen Skylight with Shade (not available on FW)
  • Matte Black Heavy-duty Spring Assisted Kitchen Faucet Sprayer
  • Residential Farm Style Black Stainless Steel Sink
  • Cannon 12 volts, High Efficiency, 11 cu. ft. Residential Refrigerator with Travel Lock
  • Full Hybrid Tub with Shower Surround
  • Cherokee Sanitizer
  • Cherokee Exclusive Stable Step with Oversized Landing
  • Fireplace (not available on all models)
  • Power Gear Frame Technology and Space Saver Rail Design
  • Real Blackout Glass, Safety Slam, Friction Hinge Entry Door with Window and Shade Prep
  • Ramp Door Patio System (Toyhauler Models Only)
  • USB Charging Stations
  • External LED Strip Lighting
  • External Porch Scare Light
  • Premium Wheel Package
  • Tire Pressure Monitors

2. Base Camp Package

  • Power Awning
  • Outside TV Bracket and Hook Ups
  • Outside Shower with Hot and Cold Water
  • Large Exterior Folding Assist Grab Handle
  • Flip Down Travel Rack
  • Armored Underbelly Tank Enclosure
  • Black Waste Tank Flush out Kit
  • RV Grill Quick Connect

3. Campfire Package

  • Entertainment System
  • Roof Mounted Ducted Air Conditioner (not on units under 26 feet)
  • 40 inches Dinette Drawers x 2 on models with slideouts
  • Solid Bedroom Doors (not available on every model)
  • Cabinets in Bedroom
  • High Output Attic Fan in Bathroom
  • Skylight over Shower
  • Oven with Light
  • Sink Cover
  • 6 Gallon Gas/Electric DSI Water Heater

Again, what does the Forest River Cherokee RV offer? Forest River manufactures the Forest River Cherokee RV, a model lineup of travel trailers and toy haulers. This lineup gives customers value, style, and utmost comfort during their adventures.

Full Specs of the Forest River Cherokee RV

forest river cherokee rv dealers

As I’ve already mentioned at the beginning of this article, the Cherokee RV is available in 17 different floorplans. Two of these floorplans are classified as toy haulers, and 15 of them are classified as travel trailers.

Based on these two classifications, here are the different floor plans of the Cherokee RV:

Toy Haulers

  • Floor Plan 255RR
  • Floor Plan 294RR

Travel Trailers

  1. Floor Plan 234DC
  2. Floor Plan 251RK – West Coast Only
  3. Floor Plan 264DBH
  4. Floor Plan 264RL
  5. Floor Plan 274BRB
  6. Floor Plan 274RK
  7. Floor Plan 274VFK
  8. Floor Plan 274WK
  9. Floor Plan 284DBH
  10. Floor Plan 294BH
  11. Floor Plan 294GEBG
  12. Floor Plan 304BH
  13. Floor Plan 304RK
  14. Floor Plan 306MM
  15. Floor Plan 324TS

The table below provides the detailed specifications of each floorplan:

Section255RR294RR234DC 251RK264DBH 264RL274BRB
Length32′ 7″35′ 9″28′ 9″29′ 6″33′ 2″35′ 7″32′ 7″
Height13′ 5″11′ 1″11′ 1″11′ 1″11′ 1″11′ 1″11′ 1″
Width (in)96969696969696
Hitch weight (lb)1,4151,180645761884800720
GVWR (lb)11,61511,3807,6457,7618,4859,9859,985
UVW (lb)6,8446,8795,7886,2176,7606,3086,383
CCC (lb)4,7714,5011,8571,5441,7253,6773,602
Fresh (gal)40404040404040
Black (gal)38382838282838
Grey (gal)38663874383838
Awning (ft)15151515151515

Table continued:

Length33′ 9″33′ 9″33′ 2″34′ 10″36′ 1″36′ 8″37′ 3″
Height11′ 1″11′ 1″11′ 1″11′ 1″11′ 1″11′ 1″11′ 1″
Width (in)96 96 9696969696
Hitch wt. (lb)8609858959979537851,015
GVWR (lb)9,9809,9859,9859,9859,98510,98511,215 lb.
UVW (lb)6,7427,0477,1437,1237,9296,9788,688 lb.
CCC (lb)3,2382,9382,8422,8622,0564,0072,527 lb.
Fresh (gal)44444040444044
Black (gal) 28383838383828
Grey (gal) 38383838383838
Awning (ft)15151515151515

Table continued:

Length38′ 6″ 40′ 1″ 40′ 5″
Height (in)969696
Width11′ 1″11′ 1″11′ 1″
Hitch Weight (lbs)1,1059001,165
GVWR (lbs) 11,30511,10011,365
UVW (lbs) 7,9988,5788,603
CCC (lbs) 3,3072,5222,762
Fresh (gal)404040
Black (gal) 383838
Grey (gal) 383838
Awning (ft)TBD1515

Pros and Cons of the Forest River Cherokee RV

To round off my review of the Forest River Cherokee RV, I will briefly discuss its pros and cons:


  • Good quality Super Kitchen
  • Nice Interior LED lighting
  • Roof is seamless
  • External porch light is very practical
  • Comes with Tire Pressuring Monitoring System
  • Comes with blackout glass


  • Front door has issues
  • Bedroom panels are not high quality

Conclusion: Forest River Cherokee RV

The Cherokee RV is a model lineup of toy haulers and travel trailers manufactured by Forest River. This company is reputed to be the fifth-best RV manufacturer in North America. Each travel trailer and toy hauler that this company builds offers value, style, and luxurious comfort so that you’ll be able to enjoy every outdoor adventure to the fullest.

One of the leading RV brands in the country, it is safe to assume that the travel trailers that this company manufactures are solid and reliable. And with all the owner-friendly features they offer, it makes sense for you to consider them when you’re in the market for an RV.