Forest River Cedar Creek RV Specs and Review

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Although I believe that to experience the great outdoors truly, you need to “rough it,” I still admit that there are times when glamping can also be a welcome escape. This is where the Forest River Cedar Creek fifth wheel comes into play. In this Forest River Cedar Creek review, I’ll list all its features and specs so you can decide if this is the right travel trailer for you.

The Forest River Cedar Creek is the epitome of elegance. It is like having a hotel suite on wheels. This fifth wheel oozes elegance and convenience. You can see this from the stylish exterior that always turns heads to its stunning and cozy interior. Do you want to go camping without sacrificing comfort and convenience? Then the Cedar Creek is the travel trailer for you.

Read on to learn more about the Forest River Cedar Creek and its model lineup, specs, and features.

About the Forest River Cedar Creek RV

forest river cedar creek rv

Since its small and humble beginnings in 1996, Forest River has grown into one of the biggest RV manufacturers in the world right now. The company has a lot of sub-brands under it. They manufacture all kinds of recreational vehicles. Among the vehicles they offer are motorhomes, toy haulers, camping trailers, and fifth wheels.

Destination Trailer

The Cedar Creek RV falls under the destination trailer category. Newbies might not know about them, but there are many kinds of travel trailers. A destination trailer is one of them. Put; a destination trailer is one part travel trailer and one part vacation home.

The Cedar Creek RV provides you with almost the same kind of comfort and convenience that you can get from a Class A motorhome. The good news is that you can enjoy such conveniences at almost half the price.

Features and Benefits

Here are some of the features and benefits that you can expect when you decide to get yourself a Forest River Cedar Creek trailer:

  • A huge main bedroom with a king-size bed
  • Lots of natural light, thanks to the large panoramic windows
  • A cozy living area with an impressive entertainment system

You will be getting amenities that you would usually see in a Class A motorhome. All of these will come at just a fraction of the price. If you are looking for a travel trailer for a quick weekend escape, then the Cedar Creek fifth wheel is perfect for you. It is also something that you can use for the long term.

Forest River Cedar Creek RV Model Lineup

The Cedar Creek RV comes in a wide variety of floorplans, including:

  1. Cedar Creek 291RW, which measures 34’7” long, has 3 slide-outs and can accommodate up to 4 people.
  2. Cedar Creek 311RL, which measures 37’ long, has 3 slide-outs and can accommodate up to 4 people.
  3. Cedar Creek 345IK, which measures 38’10” long, has 3 slide-outs and can accommodate up to 4 people.
  4. Cedar Creek 360RL, which measures 40’7” long, has 3 slide-outs and can accommodate up to 4 people.
  5. Cedar Creek 371FL, which measures 41’11” long, has 5 slide-outs and can accommodate up to 6 people.
  6. Cedar Creek 375BHO, which has 4 slide-outs, has a bathroom and a half and can accommodate 8 to 10 people.
  7. Cedar Creek 375RD, which has 5 slide-outs, and can accommodate up to 6 people.
  8. Cedar Creek 377BH, which measures 42’5” long, has 4 slide-outs and can accommodate up to 10 people.
  9. Cedar Creek 385TH, which measures 42’4” long, has 5 slide-outs and can accommodate up to 6 people – It also has a toy hauler/garage.
  10. Cedar Creek 388RK2, which measures 42’ long, has 3 slide-outs, can accommodate up to 6 people – It also features a bathroom and a half.
  11. Cedar Creek 388WDM, which measures 41’6” long, has 3 slide-outs, can accommodate 4-6 people – This model also has a bathroom and a half.

With the wide variety of floor plans available, you can surely find a Forest River Cedar Wood fifth wheel that can fit your particular needs and wants.

Forest River Cedar Wood Interior Features

cedar creek rv reviews

For your reference, I will be using the 291RW for reference in this review. Here are the things you can expect from this model’s interiors:

1. Incredibly Spacious Living Area

The moment you step into the Cedar Wood trailer, you will immediately enjoy a treat in the form of its deceptively spacious living space. Among the first few things, you will notice here notice is the inviting couches.

Notable Features

There are recliners and a chaise sofa (that can convert into a bed) that face an electric fireplace. It also houses the entertainment system. So basically, the most notable features in the living area are:

  • Two cinema-style recliners
  • A chaise sofa with a pull-out mattress
  • High top bar
  • Telescoping LED TV: Behind the fireplace.

2. Spacious Main Bedroom

Unlike other travel trailers that have queen-size beds, the Cedar Creek comes standard with a king-size bed. You cannot tell just by looking from the outside, but the main bedroom is surprisingly spacious. Even with the massive bed in the trailer, there is still enough space at the sides for nightstands.

Notable Features

Here are the things you can expect in the bedroom:

  • King-size bed with lots of storage underneath
  • Large wardrobe closet
  • Optional space for a washer and dryer
  • Wall-mounted TV

If not for the many activities you might have lined up for your camping trip, you might not want to leave the comfy bed in the Cedar Creek RV. If you decide to live in this trailer for the long term, you will surely not miss your old bed at home. The reason is that the one here is just as convenient and comfortable.

3. Fully Equipped and Roomy Kitchen

It does not matter if you are cooking up a batch of bacon and eggs or preparing a full-course dinner for your family; you will have everything you need in the Forest River Cedar Creek. You will also have enough space in the kitchen for the required meal preparations.

The double basin kitchen sink is at the center of the trailer. This can provide you with a lot of space to move. There is also a huge refrigerator and freezer that you can use. Moreover, there is a huge pantry that is bigger than what you can find in many downtown apartments right now.

Notable Features

The spacious kitchen also holds the following incredible features:

  • 4-burner gas range with convection oven
  • Range hood with LED light
  • Overhead mounted microwave
  • Double-door residential refrigerator
  • Congoleum linoleum flooring throughout, except for the slide outs

There might not be enough room for a proper dining table. However, if it’s just you and your significant other, the center island makes a perfect dining nook. If you have guests, you can easily prop up a picnic table outside. Don’t worry, though. If you want a dining area, the other floorplans have you covered.

4. Comfortable and Ample Bathroom

With the amount of space Forest River had to work with, it is surprising how they managed to fit a complete bathroom inside the Cedar Creek RV. Just because you are in the wild, that does not mean you have to go into the bushes with a shovel when you need to do your business. You have actually transcended that.

Notable Features

In the bathroom, you will be able to enjoy using the following:

  • Spacious shower enclosure with bathtub in certain floorplans
  • Powerful vent fans
  • Ample-sized bathroom sink with a mirror and medicine cabinet

Forest River Cedar Wood Exterior Features

cedar creek travel trailers


  • 57-gallon freshwater storage
  • 82-gallon grey water storage
  • 41-gallon black water storage
  • 190-watt solar panel
  • Walk-on roof built with Tufflex vinyl

Outdoor Amenities

It would be a real shame if you spent the entire time camping cooped up inside the trailer, even if it is the Cedar Creek RV. Fortunately, the Cedar Creek RV also has many exterior features that make you want to spend time outside.

Notable Features

  • Pull-out exterior kitchen with LED TV mounting
  • 18’ electric vinyl awning
  • Frameless and privacy tinted windows
  • Full docking station with flush controls for all storage tanks
  • Huge pass-through storage underneath the trailer

Again, what does the Forest River Cedar Creek offer? Go camping without having to sacrifice comfort and convenience with Forest River Cedar Creek travel trailer. This trailer is elegant as well-from its stylish exterior to its stunning and spacious interior.

Forest River Cedar Creek RV Pros and Cons


  • Excellent use of space
  • Cozy and comfortable living space
  • Complete residential kitchen
  • Convenient and full-featured outdoor kitchen


  • The carpet on the slide-out flooring feels out of place.
  • The toilet is a bit on the small side, but not by much.

Forest River Cedar Creek Fifth Wheel – Is It a Good Buy?

This travel trailer is a good option for those looking for an elegant home away from home. You will be getting more or less the same kinds of features that you would get from Class A RVs. Fortunately, the Cedar Creek would cost at least half the price.

You do not have to spend a lot of money to experience elegance and comfort. With the Forest River Cedar Creek, you can enjoy weekend camping trips or long-term usage and trips.

Conclusion – Forest River Cedar Creek RV

You can receive the same kind of elegance and convenience with the Forest River Cedar Creek for less than half the price of a premium Class A RV. This fifth wheel oozes elegance and provides a lot of conveniences. If you are the type of person who likes to go camping but is unwilling to compromise comfort, then check out the Forest River Cedar Creek RV.

They say that elegance comes with a hefty price tag, but this is not the case with the Cedar Creek RV. You will never look at another travel trailer again, from the stylish exterior to the posh yet functional interior.